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Darcy's Traditional Sweet Shoppe was founded by Jamie Milleare, and has been opened since February 2012. Located in the heart of Colchester, the oldest recorded town in Britain, Darcy's has a great history behind it. 

Did you know Darcy's is one of Colchester's Tourist Attractions?

Not only do people from all over the World visit Darcy's for their well-known sweet ranges, Darcys has a great history behind it. Located in Eld Lane, the row of shops used to be almhouses, which were built as early as 1634. Come visit us and take a look at a 19th century plaque! 

Darcy's was inspired by Lady D'Arcy in Colchester


Eld Lane, where Darcys' is located, was founded by Countess Rivers (Lady D'Arcy). Lady D'Arcy, wife of Thomas D'Arcy, earls rivers, built 8 almhouses for the poor of the parish by 1634. Almhouses are charitable housing and were maintained by the vestry, the rector and churchwardens, who were trustees of the charity. Darcy's shop is actually one of the rebuilt almshouses, built between 1897 and 1905. In honour of Lady D'Arcy, who gave so much to the poor, Darcy's Traditional Sweet Shoppe was named after her. The 'Holy Trinity' plaque can be found outside the shop today. 

The team

Our Sweet & Successful Team

We have a friendly and knowledgeable team to help you - so come for a visit! Jamie Milleare is the Founder of Darcy's. And, between Jamie and his team they have over 20 years experience in the industry. 

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Sources: British History Online, Colchester Historic Buildings Forum (2012)

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